February 5, 2010


Shawn Sutton ... one of ma fav male model
you know ... designers need sum model :P

Britney Spears ... i don't like her ... but it was a gift fo a friend of mine .. so

I call her "grandma" :)
A gift to her 80th B-Day!

My "hood-love-good-love" kenny k royal from arizona ... undacova husband!! HAHAHAH
nawww we're just good friends :P

Erykah Badu ... also known as medulla oblongata, also known as cerebellum, also known as annie ... also known as analogue girl in a digital world, also known as maria mexico, also known as lodown loretta brown ...
by the way ... check her new single from her new album "new amerykah part 2: Return of the Ankh"

March 30. 2010!!

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